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In 2011 the electronic site moved to a commercial server: please update all your links from the IP address to the IP address The journal of the Australian Mathematical Society began publication in 1959, and from 1975 appears in two series, Series A (Pure Mathematics and Statistics) and Series B (Applied Mathematics). Series B was renamed ANZIAM Journal in 2001 and is published in four quarterly parts and from 1997 in a fifth electronic-only supplement. Information about other publications of the Society may be found at the Society's web site. It is the editorial policy of ANZIAM Journal to accept refereed papers in any field of applied mathematics and related mathematical sciences. Novel applications of mathematics in real situations are especially welcome. All papers should include some indication of the applicability, and an introduction that can be understood by non-specialist readers from the whole mathematical community.

ISSN 1445-8735

Vol 55 (2013)

Table of Contents

Articles for Printed Issues

A note on travelling waves in competitive reaction systems
Larry K. Forbes 1-13
Transformation method for solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation for constrained dynamic stochastic optimal allocation problem
Daniel Sevcovic, Sona Kilianova 14-38
On Laguerre-Sobolev type orthogonal polynomials, zeros and electrostatic interpretation
Luis Alejandro Molano Molano 39-54
Moment inequalities for the contact process and elementary spatial competition in theoretical ecology
Paul Slade 55-68
A new formula for Adomian's polynomials and the analysis of its truncated series solution for the fractional non-differentiable IVPs
Mohamed Meabed Khader 69-92
A CARTopt method for bound constrained global optimization
Christopher John Price, Blair Lennon Robertson, Marco Reale
Asymmetric random walks, partial differential equations and update schemes
Kerry Anne Landman
On the existence of chaotic behavior in simple and pure microbial competition: the role of Contois kinetics
Abdelhamid Ajbar, Mohamed Asif, Emad Ali
Three-dimensional wave-free potentials in the theory of water waves
B. N. Mandal
Blow-up of the non-equivariant 2+1 dimensional wave map
Ralf Peter
Optimal dividend policy with delayed capital injections
Zhuo Jin, George Yin

Articles for Electronic Supplement

Slip at the surface of an oscillating spheroidal particle in a micropolar fluid PDF BibTeX
H. H. Sherief, M. S. Faltas, Elsayed I Saad E1--E50
The new streamline diffusion for the 3D coupled Schrodinger equations with a cross-phase modulation PDF BibTeX
Davood Rostamy E51--E78
On the convergence properties of the modified Polak--Ribiere--Polyak method with the standard Armijo line search PDF BibTeX
Lijun Li, Weijun Zhou E79--E89

Proceedings Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference

Pulse-coupled neural network performance for real-time identification of vegetation during forced landing PDF BIB
David James Warne, Ross Hayward, Neil Kelson, Jasmine Banks, Luis Mejias C1--C16
Exploiting GPUs to investigate an inversion method that retrieves cardiac conductivities from potential measurements PDF BIB
Barbara Johnston, Josef Barnes C17--C31
Characterising an ECG signal using statistical modelling: a feasibility study PDF BIB
Timothy Alexis Bodisco, Jason D'Netto, Neil Kelson, Jasmine Banks, Ross Hayward, Tony Parker C32--C46
Enhancement of flow mixing in micro and nano channels PDF BIB
Ameeya Kumar Nayak C47--C63

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