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The journal of the Australian Mathematical Society began publication in 1959, and from 1975 appears in two series, Series A (Pure Mathematics and Statistics) and Series B (Applied Mathematics). Series B was renamed ANZIAM Journal in 2001 and is published in four quarterly parts and from 1997 in a fifth electronic-only supplement. Information about other publications of the Society may be found at the Society's web site. It is the editorial policy of ANZIAM Journal to accept refereed papers in any field of applied mathematics and related mathematical sciences. Novel applications of mathematics in real situations are especially welcome. All papers should include some indication of the applicability, and an introduction that can be understood by non-specialist readers from the whole mathematical community.

ISSN 1445-8735


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Vol 59 (2017)

Table of Contents

Articles for Printed Issues

Lawrence K. Forbes, Michael A. Brideson
Neville Fowkes, Steve Durkin, Andrew P. Bassom
Alexandra B Hogan, Kathryn Glass, Robert S. Anderssen
Kim Ngan Le, William McLean, Bishnu Lamichhane
Jianpeng Cao, Yan-Bing Fang
Dipankar Chowdhury, Suma Debsarma
Kouki Mohamed, Abbes Mehdi, Mami Abdelkader